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Ulysses Club Information

2018 Ulysses National Committee

At the 2018 AGM the following members were elected as the National Committee: 

President - Jen Woods #21395

Vice President - Peter Baulch  #27672

Secretary - Henry Rokx #28636

Treasurer - John Osborne #41785

Committee Member - Allan Pratt #9168

Committee Member - Blue Knowles 

Committee Member - David Wright #51871

Congratulations to the new National Committee on their election.


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Ulysses Club Q & A

General Questions about the Ulysses Club Inc. 

(from the Ulysses Club website)

How it all began
The Ulysses Club for older motorcyclists, the largest organization of it's kind in Australia, is now a familiar part of this country's riding scene. The original suggestion for a club for over 50's motorcyclists was put forward in a letter by Stephen Dearnley published in the August 1983 issue of Bike Australia. This drew two significant responses: one from Rob Hall, a reader at Albion Park NSW, who suggested the present name and motto for the club: the other from Peter Thoeming, then the editor of Bike Australia who sketched the logo and offered support from his magazine if Stephen could get the club off the ground. This was done at an inaugural meeting in Sydney on 6th December, 1983 when the five people present approved a basic constitution and the Ulysses Club was duly formed.
From that tenuous beginning it has never looked back and the club now boasts a large and extensive network of members throughout Australia.

Why Ulysses?
The name comes from a poem of the same title by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It tells how the great Greek hero Ulysses, now middle-aged and securely in charge of his kingdom of Ithaca, is getting bored with things around him and longs to go adventuring again with his shipmates of old. It describes very well indeed the sort of person who still has enough spark to go on riding into middle and later years. Too long to quote here, you will find it in any good poetry anthology such as the Albatross Book of Verse.

What Does it do?
It publishes a quarterly newsletter, Riding On, which contains information about forthcoming events, provides a forum for members' news and views and carries articles on topics of interest to members of the club.

The club has grown to 139 branches spread throughout Australia, and continues to grow. Those branches arrange rides and social functions for the club members in their location. By joining the club, a member can choose to attend any branch, branch ride or function of their choice. As well, there are sister clubs in New Zealand and South Africa, and fledgling branches of the club in Canada, Germany, and hopefully in the near future the U.S.A. and U.K.

Each year, club members from all around Australia, as well as some from overseas, travel to the designated location for the Annual General Meeting, an event that has grown from a campover, meeting and meal of the early days, to a major event spanning over a week, and incorporating involvement by the major motorcycle manufacturers and suppliers putting on trade displays and test rides of the latest machinery, a Grand Parade through the town or city, several nights of various entertainment, Friday and Saturday night social events, a church service and of course the official meetings and ceremonies.

Throughout the year, members raise the club banner at rallies and events around the country as a focal point where members and their friends can join in good companionship. Our "Old Man" logo, which has been preserved from it's original hand drawn form as our registered trademark, is recognizable throughout the country and club members wear it with pride.

What are its aims?
To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support.
To show by example that motorcycling can be an enjoyable and practical activity for riders of all ages.
To draw the attention of public and private institutions to the needs and views of older riders.

Who can join?
Any lady or gentleman who is over the age of 40, and who holds a current motorcycle licence, or who is a regular partner of such a person, and over 40, is eligible to join. Until you reach the grand old age of 50, you will be a "junior" member, but with full membership rights and privileges. It's just that you might have to help some of the "seniors" off their machines sometime!

There is a joining fee of $40, and 3 year membership is mandatory, currently at $100 . This we feel gives a considerable incentive to long term survival! (overseas members incur additional charges.) 

How Do I join?
Come to our meetings on the first Monday of the month (providing it's not a public holiday) at the Yamanto Tavern, 510 Warwick Rd, Yamanto and see our secretary or any member of the committee for an application form.
Meetings start at 7:00pm.